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an exclusive mentorship programme designed to help you launch YOUR dream BUSINESS.


Are you ready to launch your dream business?

The Launch Edit is for you if you want to launch a successful business and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I share the strategy I’ve used to launch a 6-figure business for both myself and my clients but tailor it 100% to you and your goals to help you launch your dream business.

Imagine what you could do in your life if you were running a successful business.



  • Launching the business of your dreams, earning money doing something you love

  • Having an actionable plan that will enable you to achieve the success you desire

  • Creating your own schedule and having more time to do the things that make you happy

  • Getting guidance and support as you launch your dream business

It’s possible and I’m ready to help make this your reality.

How would that change your life?

With The Launch Edit, this is within reach. I’ve successfully launched several of my own businesses, as well as supporting clients to launch theirs. If you’re prepared to work hard, I’ll provide the plan.

It’s time to launch your dream business and change your life. It starts here.


Meet Delphine:

“Working with Sophie was such a positive experience. She was here for me all along and put me back on the right track at a moment where I felt so lost. She is the best guide you could ever wish for.

I gained a lot of clarity in the vision of my business. Sophie helped me to put all the puzzle pieces back together as it was so messy in my head. And it helped me also to organise myself on a personal level not just for my business. Thanks to Sophie I have killed two birds with one stone.”


Here’s how it works:

1 x planning session - a six hour planning session to map out the steps from dream business to launch

6 x one-on-one sessions - fortnightly 60 minute sessions to get your business launched

Access to me throughout - via email or phone should you have any questions or need support


And I know what you’re thinking…

“I don’t need help, I can launch my business by myself.”

So here’s the thing: you probably can launch your business by yourself, but it’s likely to take significantly longer. Learning from someone who has launched several successful businesses and helped countless others do the same want will help you launch your dream business dramatically faster.

What clients are saying

Zoe Tuffs

“The workshop with Sophie was super productive. I was very keen to make the most of our time so we worked with an ambitious agenda but I was amazed but how much ground we covered in the time. I was able to achieve clarity on my big picture with a clear and actionable plan to realise my ambitious ideas. This was supported by a much-needed reality check on the inevitable challenges I face in stepping out of my comfort zone and launching a new venture. Sophie did a great job of bringing some of the long-standing dilemmas I’ve been wrestling with to the surface and provided the positive challenge needed to finally resolve and move on.”

- Zoe T, Times Ten

Jennifer Schneider

“I benefited so much from working with Sophie. From little things like how to organise my day to day tasks more efficiently, to how to sculpt in the essential me time that recharges my batteries and keeps my creative energy flowing; to big concerns like missed sales opportunities due to stretched resources and how to refocus them to be significantly more effective. I think a weekly check in with Sophie would be stellar as part of a continued care plan to keep everything in check and you in balance on your busy and winding road.”

- Jennifer S, The Loved Object


The Launch Edit is perfect for you if…

  • You want to launch your dream business

  • You are ready to have clarity and an actionable plan to get you there

  • You are desperate to quit the endless cycle of watching others launch successful businesses while thinking it’s not possible for you to do the same

  • You are prepared to work (hard) to launch your business…you just need to be told what to do

  • You need guidance and support from someone who has been there and achieved the results you want

This is possible for you too!

Sidney F
Deeba A

“Sophie is such a great coach and mentor. She helped me get my business up and running in a few months, I gained trust in myself and in the idea that I could make it.

Truly inspirational, she has a way of keeping me on track while broadening my perspective on many aspects. I’d like to recommend her services to anyone looking to get their business up and running in a few months!

Thank you Sophie!”

- Sidney F, Life Coach

Working with Sophie has been so refreshing. I love her approach - one that is a perfect blend of pragmatism, compassion and realism. She will tell you like it is and push you when you need it but she understands when you need to take a step back.

Having Sophie have my back when it is hard to have my own, has been invaluable. I love that Sophie inspires me to build my business on my terms. She encourages me to think things through but is also very adamant that if something doesn't feel good, I shouldn't be doing it.

Sophie has made the journey a lot less overwhelming and has increased my belief in my possibilities. She keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.

- Deeba A, Transformational Life Coach

Jade B

“Sophie brings so much energy and expertise to every meeting. She is generous with her time and effort and I love how quickly she responds to any question or concern, no matter how big or small.

Sophie helped me structure my weeks and put strategies in place that mean I have less overwhelm going into each week. Starting a business on your is a daunting task and Sophie provides the support and care that says “you are not alone”.

I would definitely recommend Sophie to others! She leads by example and I hope my business sees the success that she has achieved so far.”

- Jade B, Avococo Jade

Are you ready to launch your dream business?

By the end of The Launch Edit, you’ll have all the strategies and techniques you need to confidently launch your dream business .

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